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We are a New Zealand Cleaning Coop made up of professional, experienced people who service kiwi businesses.

Coop Story

Like-minded professional cleaning operators throughout New Zealand, giving businesses a choice to support a New Zealand owned cleaning company.

Our Members

From Northland to Southland, we are a nationwide cleaning cooperative with members covering the entire

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NZ Cleaning Coop is a collective of 12 individual professional cleaning service operators, that service each regional district in New Zealand and come highly recommended for their commercial cleaning abilities and dedication to our clients.

With close to 300 years collectively of management ownership and skills passed down from generations of family-owned cleaning operators, NZ Cleaning Coop members are the most highly skilled cleaning group in New Zealand. All members have equal shares and are 100% NZ owned with no offshore entities involved.

Why New Zealand

Cleaning Coop?

NZ Cleaning Coop is part of the NZ Coop, and we work closely with community groups and support or sponsor New Zealand organisations at a local level.

Whether your business is looking for a quality local cleaning provider, or a collective group of professional New Zealand owned cleaning providers, NZ Cleaning Coop and its regionally based member-operators will deliver a service above your expectations.



We cover the entire nation. We are a ‘true’ nationwide cleaning cooperative, with members covering all regions in New Zealand.

From Northland to Southland and all Regions in between, NZ Cleaning Coop have your cleaning requirements covered. All our members have independence regionally, but collectively we are the best choice when choosing a nationwide cleaning service provider. Our experience cannot be repudiated with over 300 years collectively of management ownership and second/third generations of cleaning operator knowledge.


All NZ Cleaning Coop members have pledged that by 2023 each vehicle replacement will be zero emissions of up to 20% of their vehicle fleet. From 2026 our intention is to have changed all NZ Cleaning Coop members' private business vehicle fleet to 100% electric vehicles.

NZ Cleaning Coop have identified environmental and sustainable supply partners that will assist in our goals to reduce waste by choosing long lasting durable equipment and products. Recycled paper and consumables are foremost recommended as our preferred choice. NZ Cleaning Coop has further commitment for all NZ Cleaning Coop members to be zero emissions as a cooperative by 2026, along with a 20% goal by 2023.


NZ Cleaning Coop contains an expert level in all fields of commercial cleaning services.
Collectively all our nationwide members can deliver across New Zealand expertise and advise.

We can be on hand to support our clients and other NZ Cleaning Coop members to ensure
we meet our obligations as leaders in cleaning knowledge and productive performance. We provide
most services that any building facility requires from their cleaning and facility partner to perform to optimum delivery.


All NZ Cleaning Coop members are equal shareholders of NZ Cleaning Coop. Each member has been chosen for their service and business expertise and are well established cleaning professionals in their regions. Most of the members have a large presence within their regions and have high recommendations from their clients.

Supplier Partners

NZ Cleaning Coop has aligned itself with professional parties that add value to our cooperative members  and clients.

Our focus towards Professional Partner Groups is primarily the same philosophies that will improve the cleaning industry and the people we employ, by means of staff wellbeing, training and qualifications that lead to better earnings from education and effort.

The other main factor to Professional Partnership is qualifying and meeting sustainable environment practices on consumable and equipment products.

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Quality Assurance

NZ Cleaning Coop prefers only verified, clinical Quality Control Measurements.
ATP is available to all NZ Cleaning Coop clients with a minimal cost inclusion, that will ensure all visitors,
personnel and users of the premises have real assurance of quantifiable and hygienic data.

Our ATP handheld fluorescence detector measures Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), the universal
energy molecule found in all animal, plant, bacteria, Virus, yeast and mold cells.
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