Supplier Partner

Clean Start Consultancy

Having a professional consultancy arm that assists NZ Cleaning Coop and our members gives an assurance that NZ Cleaning Coop has the best available and experienced knowledgeable cleaning consultants with decades of involvement in all areas of commercial cleaning.

Cost limitations can form a blinker that adapts labour outputs against periods of time based on a worker’s hourly performance. This bygone practice can be reformed into productive time used. Based on research of a cleaner’s work performance on average can have up to 40% downtime per hour/shift from traditional cleaning methods. 

Measurements of cleaning that give acceptable, quality standards by reviewing specified duties can save 30% of past costs by introduction of task methods with better focus on periodicals rather than daily requirements. Cleaning specifications are a guide for a minimum expectations of cleaning services delivery. KPI’s are key to obtaining actual cleaning and hygiene results. Independent processes that are not self-assessed give another level of care to NZ Cleaning Coop clients, and assurance that they have the best quality and hygiene practices from their cleaning provider.

NZ Cleaning Coop see real benefits for our clients having a second opinion by a professional that will in most cases improve on the cleaning delivery and save on unproductive over costs.

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