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Pacific Hygiene

NZ Cleaning Coop has aligned Pacific Hygiene Ltd as a supply partner for all consumable supplies to ensure all our members and clients receive the best product at the best price. Pacific Hygiene is a manufacturer and importer of a range of hygiene consumables into the Australasian market. Pacific Hygiene is the second largest supplier of commercial hygiene tissue products in New Zealand, importing over 500 containers per annum.  In addition, the company sells products into Australia, Taiwan, India, Hong Kong and the Pacific Islands. 

Pacific Hygiene is 100% New Zealand owned and has been trading since 1992.  With their Managing Director and senior staff having in excess of 80 years’ experience in this nature of business, they intimately understand the market conditions and economical drivers within the Australasian market place, and in partnership protect the interests of our customers. 

They have developed an exciting range of products and dispensers which specifically perform to the unique requirements and standards across Australasia’s broad industry base.  Customers include public and private hospitals, government departments, New Zealand's biggest listed businesses and internationally recognised fast food chains & commercial cleaners. 

The product range includes: 
• Toilet and Facial Tissue Systems / Hand Towel Systems Wiping Systems / Hand Washing and Hand Cleaning Systems / Sanitising and Odour Control Systems

• Rubbish Bags, Kitchen Tidy Liners and Bin Liners /  Disposable Gloves and Clothing

• 100% Recycled Tissue Products – with 29 FSC-certified paper products available

Pacific Hygiene is FSC® CoC certified with an increasing range of products becoming FSC certified. Pacific Hygiene is committed to continuous innovation and environmental responsibility and prides itself on working closely with NZ Cleaning Coop members throughout New Zealand to deliver full sanitary and consumable product supplies. Our environmental goal is for continuous improvement towards sustainable development with a key focus on protecting the environment and the elimination of pollution and waste.

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